can I save this string of pearls?

radcrastJuly 22, 2014

HI all, I bought this Senecio rowleyanus about 8 weeks ago and have it hanging in a basket in front of my apartment. it gets lots of bright, but indirect light. I let it get completely dry between waterings since I have a habit of rotting my succulents to death - I've watered it twice since getting it. One of the strands has leaves that are turning black and the non-hanging vine that is on top of the plant has withered away to nearly nothing and turned brown. (see photo) What is going on with this plant? Can I save it?

Thanks so much for your help.

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It looks like you have extremely water retentive soil. Depending on how badly rotted the plant it's possible it can't be saved;

What i'd recommend you try to do is swap out the dirt with cactus mix with 50/50 perlite thrown in. It'll keep water a LOT less than the soil you have right now and it'll help prevent your plants from rotting away.

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Does the pot have drainage holes in the bottom?

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Got it. I have cactus mix in there now but I will add some perlite to try and get it draining better.

The pot doesn't have drainage holes. I can drill some in when I switch out the soil.

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