Clematis didn't bloom hardly at all

lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA(5)January 4, 2014

I'm ot sure what class my Clematis is, but I do know I have to cut it back each year. When I first got it (probably 10 years ago), it was a dark purple, which is what I wanted, but after about fours years, it bloomed a lilac color instead. It was still beautiful and loaded with flowers. This past summer it had maybe five flowers between the two separate plants I have planted. :(

So this fall, I didn't cut it back. I left the plant die hoping the energy will go back into the plant. ?? And I'll cut all the dead vines and leaves as soon as our ground thaws in the early spring before the new growth starts.

Now, should I be feeding it? Is that my problem as far as growth and color? And if so, what would you suggest? I've fed it Miracle Grow in the spring, but it didn't help.

I have this other variety that's a Magenta color (as pictured), never did a thing to it, cut it back in the fall, and it has bloomed the same every year and is always full of blooms. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong with the other ones.

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I don't know the type...but I expect more flowers on mine if I don't cut back...give it a try :)

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Pruning and/or fertilizing have no impact on clematis flower color - it is what it is, although sun can sometimes fade out the blossoms. Since the vast majority of clematis tend to be hybrids of some sort, it is possible that color will not be stable, however named cultivars should maintain color regardless.

For most hybrid clematis the recommended pruning time is late winter/early spring......about March or when roses normally get pruned in your area. And they should be fertilized after pruning as well, just like roses :-) In fact, a rose fertilizer is often recommended but an all purpose or tomato/vegetable formulation will work as well. And many folks just fertilize with a good compost mulch each season. Skip the Miracle Gro - it's mostly hype and not worth the expense. A granular organic will generate much better results.

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