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I am looking for advice on shrubs to plant in Raleigh, NC that get full morning sun. I have had Gardenias there for years and they got our of hand and looked ragged so I am removing them. This house is only occupied a few months per year, so I would like EASY to grow and high impact. Could I use butterfly bushes for shrubbery if I kept them trimmed? Or will that leave the front of the house looking barren in winter?

House is pale yellow - and I would like the color of the shrubs to not be such a contrast as the Gardenia have been (very dark green leaves).

New to gardening, so any and all advice is VERY appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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If you want to use butterfly bushes, look for the 'Lo and Behold' varieties that stay small and compact so that you don't have to worry about them growing over the windows in summer-- 'Blue Chip' and 'Miss Ruby'. Buddleia are easy for beginners.

Knock-out Roses are supposed to bloom with only 3 hours of sun. Mine are in the sun all day. Easy for beginners.

My Encore Azaleas get full morning sun and afternoon shade. Easy for beginners.

For evergreen, glossy foliage -- holly Burford nana (small variety, NOT the tall one!). The 'soft touch' hollies have small foliage that isn't glossy.

If you have deer -- do not plant roses and azaleas.


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