Low temps for Meyer Lemon

gardenscents(8)February 24, 2011

I have 2 Meyer lemon trees that I drag in and out every spring and fall and this winter they produced thousands of flowers. When we got a spell of warm (70 deg) weather for the last few weeks, I put them outside to enjoy the warmth and sun and perhaps to catch a stray bee or two. Temps at night have been in the 50's but now are occasionally dipping into the mid 40s. What low temp is acceptable for lemon trees without them losing their leaves?

Also, when does one repot these guys? After flowering? Before flowering? They seem to flower all fall and winter, then I'm afraid to repot while they have fruit. ???

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If they have been "hardened off" to the cooler temps, I would say they are good to around 30 F.. But if in active growth, maintain a minimum in the 40's. Hardiness, does depend on whether the tree is in active growth or semi-dormancy.--Regarding transplanting, I'm not sure if I do the right thing but I don't transplant at flowering (Spring for me), I transplant after flowering in the Summer and have no problems even if they are holding fruit. Good luck!

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Good til about 24F before defoliating assuming a week or so of cool weather before hand in your zone planted in the ground. In pots, I wouldn't chance a freeze myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: mrtexas

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