Is this a crazy idea?

pbl_ge(5/6)January 29, 2014

We're planning to rebuild the deck that sits in the backyard to the east of the garage. The previous owners used to have a climbing rose on the garage wall that overhangs the deck, which was beautiful but thorny (I don't like plants that want to hurt me). We're thinking of installing a trellis on the back of the garage to hide the hideous baby blue siding (unpaintable). Then we want to plant some clematis (Is it clematii? I never know.) to climb said trellis.

1. We were thinking of Huldine for this job. Does that seem a good choice? We're hoping it will robustly scale the trellis without necessitating the use of a ladder too often. Is that crazy?

2. Would you interplant something else for the contrast? I'm worried that Huldine will just overwhelm anything else.

3. How many plants would you use for a 20' garage? We don't need it to fully cover the wall, but don't want it to look skimpy, either.

4. I'm pretty sure this will be enough sun, since it gets full blast all day until noon. If anyone disagrees with me, let me know.

I'd appreciate any other thoughts. I've grown a few clematis very successfully in the past, but I've never tried anything on this scale.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Most of my clematis are planted two feet apart and do well with that spacing. I am a clematis collector and with over 90 varieties now I need to space them closely.

I don't find combinations any more difficult to care for than single plantings.

I also mix different pruning varieties, 2s and 3s. Either the 2s are treated as 3s and all cut back near the base each year or the 3s are cut back and those branches pulled off when they are crisp while the twos are not cut back until the spring when new growth shows.

If you put trellis in the search box on this forum you will see many types of trellis from homemade to those from stores.
When I first started I bought wire trellis and would put three near each other to make a larger trellis. Now I use green coated wire garden fencing and make my own as the others have become more expensive and smaller.

Recently I added clematis along a 25' deck by adding the wire to the deck supports (10' ft high), just nailed it on.

Along the back of my garage I have a homemade trellis that is about a foot from the wall. Prefer not to actually grow plants on the wall itself.

Can't remember the variety but someone paired Huldine with a purple/wine colored variety to bring out the color of the back of Huldine. At the MN Arboretum I have seen Henryii grown by itself on a large wall and it was beautiful. Do not know how many plants that were planted to make that display.

I like a riot of color so put many different varieties along my deck putting ones next to each other that would compliment or bring out a feature of the one planted next to it.

If you still want a rose you might find one that isn't too thorny and plant clematis with the rose. No suggestions of varieties as I am not a rose grower.

Some people like to put Betty Corning close to a sitting area or entrance as it is slightly fragrant, though I have not noticed a fragrance with mine.

There are many good photos of combinations on this forum. Also don't forget to check out the gallery for more photos.

Good luck and keep us informed of your choices and progress. please.

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This is very helpful. Thanks so much!

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