Fast growing Clematis???

j4ck(5)January 13, 2008

This is for the clematis growers, is it worth growing them from seeds at all for immediate impact and bloom, or is it just better to buy the plant in the spring?

I need recommendations for a fast grower, scented, colourful variety. Also I need a rose of a similar quality to combine with this.

Any suggestions?

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

You'll be limited on which ones are scented but for fast growing you will want to buy the plant..starting from seed is slow and clematis plants themselves don't come into their own until year you can imagine how much longer you'll have any impact with starting from seeds..You can never go wrong with the Viticella group/ Pruning group s..they are vigorous and can go to COTW and on the search page click on pruning group scroll with arrow to pruning group 3/hard prune and then in Tepal Color type in the color you want and after clicking on search now you'll find tons to chose from...some I would recommend..dark purple.."Polish Spirit", lilac "Betty Corning" Hot pinkish red "Avant-Garde" darkish purple "Etoile Violette" red "Madame Julia Correvon" dark Purplish "Perrin's Pride" lilac "Solina" one of my favourites is "Venosa Violacea" Dark double "Purplea Plens Elegans" "Ashva" I love "Contesse de Bouchard"..she is a far as roses..there are tons to choose from ..what is your favourite color??..

Here is a link that might be useful: Clematis List Search

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carolfm(z7upstate SC)

Betty Corning is a very fast grower and is fragrant. I have mine growing with Buff Beauty. I'm not sure what roses are hardy in your zone.


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lostmermaid(zone 5b Ontario)

The tangutica grouping also grows very fast and high. I have Radar Love that in 3 years from seed grew to a fantastic height of 35 feet and at least 8 feet wide. It is a profuse fall flowering type. Unfortunately no fragrance.

With a fast growing clematis you will want a vigorous rose to compete with it.

I have to agree with Etoile Voilet and Polish Spirit, Markham's Pink, Blue Dancer for speed of growth, also Rubromarginata was quick with an unusual flower. I have them interplanted with Don Juan climbing rose which has incredible scent and color, dark rich red! No scent that I have detected although I don't think it ever occured to me to smell them all. :) I'll get my son right on that in the blooming season here. :)

I am in zone 5b southern Ontario. These are all very hardy here.

Ah yes, taking a mental tour through my dormant garden reminds me that my scented Terniflora would be nice with a vigorous climbing rose, Keep in mind that it is fall flowering. I have a butterfly bush planted across the path from it. Sitting on the front porch when they are in bloom is a dream!

After having seen the post on Gravayete Beauty I think I will plant one of those climbing roses I acquired from a client at the bottom of this clematis. It should be stunning. But of course which color rose? I got 7 of them from red all the way to white. What a choice!!

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

If you want a fragrant tangutica, consider growing the cultivar called 'Helios'. It is fragrant and smells like coconut.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

In your zone, the rose selection will be harder than the clem choice. Many of the most popular climbing roses will die back to the ground in zone 5. You need to find one of the hardier ones or your experience will be less than perfect.

I grow Betty Corning with my climbing Westerland rose. Westerland is only marginally hardy in zone 5.

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