garden planter and fence design question

amyxz123December 28, 2011


Now we are planning to remodeling our house, especially the fence and carport.

My friend is a designer, he designed a fence+planter in my frontyard, but don't know how to attach it here. The rectangular planter is very long, about 5m, and 2pcs, then intall picket fence on the outer edge of the planter. I like it very much. But I'm not sure that is feasible, that means I need to pay much for the goods, soil, maintenance and many other things. So I wonder do you have any suggestions about that design?

About the carport, we'd like to buy a pergola and put it before our garage with planters. Will that be greatful?

Thanks, everyone!


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Amy, welcome to the GardenWeb. I would like to comment on your problem, but your post leaves too much to the imagination, at least for me. Do you have a sketch of your garden and carport/garage you could post? Al

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Hi, Calistoga, thanks very much. I know that my description is not as clear as the picture. I do have the outlet design picture finished by my friend, but I don't know how to attach it in the post.

I'll try again.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I like it too. If your planter is open on the bottom, so that the soil you fill it with can be inexpensive topsoil, you will have a raised planting bed. You will not have to worry about potting soil or expensive amendments. It will be no different than gardening without the box, EXCEPT it will be up where it is easier to maintain. I would install a drip line in it so watering will be easy. The pergola looks very nice and my only worry is that it may overwhelm the site. I like the undulating picket fence. Al

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buddyben(z9 CA/Sunset 20)

I think it's great you want to improve your front yard. But just to play devil's advocate, I have two concerns:

  1. Are you prepared to keep your planters filled with live, healthy plants year-round for ever and ever? The reason I ask is that a large, neglected planter in someone's front yard is depressing and it really makes the whole yard look neglected. I made that mistake years ago with some window boxes that I couldn't keep up with.
  2. Be sure to check with your city's building and planning section before installing a carport in your front yard. If it isn't allowed, the city can make you remove it.
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Thank you,calistoga and buddyben. Very glad to see your suggestion.

We are planning to search for a planter with the dimension of 20"L*14"W*12.5"H.Is that too large? Maybe that really will caused a neglected frontyard,but with that dimension, the planter can tolerate the picket fence about 27"H.

About the materials, I prefer composite materials like vinyl or fiberglass, what do you thinks of that?

I've contacted the building department here, the carpot in that location is allowed.

Also, just now I came up with an idea that install a roof of my pergola attached will my front door, do you think it is necessary?


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buddyben makes some good points. I maintain a garden in front of our local museum, and must keep blooming color year around. Unless you have a large budget, you will need to always plan ahead to have plants ready to replace as the seasons change. I think you meant the planter to be 20 feet long, not inches. The length is only relevant in the number of plants needed. A non wood material if done properly would be my preference. Your arbor/carport would not work well to protect your car, and if your city has a set back rule, as most do, you risk violating it, with a permanent structure. If you install a roof on your arbor/pergola I feel sure the city will call it a carport and subject to additional building rules. Al

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Just a thought- if you have your car under a pergola with plants you may get a lot of bird poop on your car.

Your designs are beautiful. I think I would plant asparagus ferns in those planters. I love the way they drape and they are low-water plants that can take full sun.

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I want to show you some LED lighted large concrete Planters ;)

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Solar LED lighted Concrete Planter. Exclusive handmade ;)

If you are looking for exceptional quality and design large Planter, Bollard or Bench then this is the place for you. We manufacture products of exceptional appearance with LED lighting. Each order is unique and individual as the customer can choose the design and colors of other elements. Exclusive is that we create products with your own text, logo or symbol. We can produce the goods according to your needs and preferences.

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