HELP echeveria puldonis dying

Celeste JacksonJuly 21, 2014

I'm not sure what's going on with my plant but the stalk is dying & the leaves are discolored. It's potted in cactus soil & was watered for the first time since I got it on the 17th. It sits out in full sun (although I pull it into the shade between 11-2 because I've heard the sun is too strong)

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

First, since we don't have your general location, it's hard to say what your mid-day sun is like. Some of the damage to the leaves appears to be sunburn. Not sure what the story is as to when you obtained the plant or where it was growing prior to your acquisition. If it was in a store with little or no good sunlight, then you have to acclimate your plant slowly to prevent burning or at least decrease the risk. Now, for the name. This could be as you say, E.pulidonis and because the manner in which it has been grown, it doesn't have the red picote usually seen on this species. As long as the stem is firm, your plant may do just fine and once acclimated to full sun, the rosette will get tight and the color should change nicely.

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it does look like sunburn to me. it will live. if you just keep it in full sun the new growth will be strong, healthy and happy to be in the sun. but the existing leaves will look kinda bad in the mean time. succulents are like many people...they burn easily after long periods of not getting sun. if it has been in the shade, inside a store, or in a greenhouse sticking it right into the sun is what did it. you can put it out with a paper towel over it for a few days.

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Celeste Jackson

In Chicago & the sun was pretty bright it was kept in a greenhouse but the top stalk was turning purple & shriveling up so I thought maybe it needed more sun. It's still dying though & I watered it recently is there anything else that might be wrong? & it might not be echeveria puldonis but that's what the tag from the store said it was.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

First, not to be nasty but the species is P U L I D O N I S. Next, usually Echeveria change color as you have described because of lots of sunlight. I would venture to say you've fried your spike. Personally, I would remove the entire spike as close to the main stem as is possible... but that's just me as I remove all most all Eche spikes because I want head growth and most of the flowers look the same and I don't pollinate for seed production.

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i dont think thats e. pulidonis. the leaves are far too thin...pulidonis has big plump upward facing leaves.

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That's what I was going to say but since no one said it yet I wasn't sure.. I don't think that is a pulidonis, not only does it not have red edges and as you said the leaves are too thin. But anyway, it does look like it's getting sunburned, hopefully you can find a better place for it and make it happier!

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Celeste Jackson

The spike started dying before I put it out in the sun is there anything else that could have made that happen? Could it need more water?

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