succulent help?

Tingz(7a Utah)July 16, 2014

I'm brand new to the forum and to succulents. I got this little guy about a week ago along with a couple others. Wanted to put them in a bigger pot but noticed some grey-ish spots on a few of the leaves on this little guy. It doesn't seem to be on any of the other plants or any of the other stalks of this one. Is it a problem? Do I need to keep it away from the other plants? Another pot or whole separate room? Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

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Looks like scale insects---isolate it from your healthy plants; keep it in its same pot and treat with a systemic insecticide.

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Tingz(7a Utah)

Thank you for responding! I am brand new to all of this. Is there an insecticide you would recommend? I thought I saw somewhere online that someone used rubbing alcohol or dish soap on a Q-tip to deal with bugs. Would that work?

As far as isolating, How far should I keep it from the other plants? My plants are indoors in a small apartment.

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Most folks use a systemic insecticide because it's translocated throughout the entire plant, thus any sucking insect will meet its end when it decides to take a nibble.
Rubbing alcohol is usually reserved for soft-bodied insects such as aphids or the dreaded mealies. Scale insects generally have two types-- crawlers and non-crawlers; the non-crawlers are protected by the waxy "scale"(which acts as a defacto "fingernail" protecting the little buggers) and thus hard to eliminate w/o a systemic. I always isolate any new plant I add to my collection for a month in its own room.
Many people on this forum use Merit/Marathon(Imidacloprid). I use this in my greenhouse ONLY since it is a Neonicotinoid and has been suspected as a factor in colony collapse disorder in honeybees.

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Forgot to say your plant is a String of Buttons or scientifically,
Crassula perforata f. variegata.

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Tingz(7a Utah)

Thank you for identifying my plant and for all the information! Isolating my plants could get interesting. I have one large window in the living room and another small window in my bedroom...much shadier though and that's where I've been keeping my cuttings. I'll have to find some of that insecticide. I got this little guy at the same time and from the same person as my other plants. Haven't seen anything on the other plants (yet?). Would it hurt the plants to give insecticide as a precaution if they don't show any signs of bugs? That could help my isolation issue.

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Yes, I would recommend you treat all your plants as a precaution. I would still isolate the sick one from the others. Merit/Marathon is usually only applied once during the growing season.

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Tingz(7a Utah)

Went to a store looking for the Merit/Marathon without success. I'll be able to go to a specialty cactus/tropicals store next week. Would it be beneficial to just pick off the 2-3 leaves that have scales? Would that fix the problem or prevent spreading?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

If you can't find Merit/Marathon, check all the insecticides in the store for the ingredient Imidacloprid.

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You don't need to go to that length to get rid of scale. Put your plant in the shade and spray it Formula 409 or Windex. Let sit for 5 minutes of so, then blast the plant with a water stream - it will peel off the scale easily. Keep the plant in shade for a day and it will be fine.

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Tingz(7a Utah)

Haven't been able to get to the store for the insecticide yet and tried the Windex and got most if not all of it off I think. I may have damaged/bruised (?) some of the leaves in the process and picked off a couple that were really bad. The few leaves on that stalk have gone a dark green and lost some of their luster where the rest of the stalks look OK. Think we're gonna make it?

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