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safariofthemind(z7b NC)April 27, 2010


For you younger whipper snappers, question: I haven't built a web site since the days of geocities, now defunct - what do you recommend for casual posting of garden pictures with captions? I like the idea of a blog and have an old account at . Right now it just has a blurb in Spanglish about my wife's law firm as a place holder. Basically I haven't figured out the tools to use it yet so it is a good point to ask what others use. Some folks have mentioned as a good alternative. Reviews online seem to disagree on which is better. Both seem to need links to photobucket or flickr to work with picture collections if I read their instructions correctly.

Anyone care to share what's their recommendation? If need be I have a rented account at for our office website that I can "park" another domain at but then I'd have to deal with raw html and something like Frontpage and I'd rather not go back to that as I have little time to maintain a site, deal with hackers, and may have to pay for bandwidth overages, etc.


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coorscat(6 and 9)

GoDaddy Go!
Seriously, with GoDaddy you can get a webpage in a box with their website tonite package. It doesn't cost much and is easy to keep up with.

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safariofthemind(z7b NC)

Do some of the folks in the forum have pages I can look at? I would hate to reinvent the wheel and happy to be a boring middle age man following the right crowd [tongue in cheek].

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If you are only interested in posting pictures getting your own hosting account is really overkill. There are a number of image hosting services that won't cost you a penny.

Also please don't support They're just bad business.

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coorscat(6 and 9)

This should probably be over in the discussions...but here goes anyway. If you want a blog, the photo sites wont' support your blog. DH and I run several internet based businesses and we depend on our websites for our living. GoDaddy has been the most cost-effective and the most reliable. Redundant backups means no data lost when a server goes down. With just a blog and some web pages sporting your pics, that might not be critical for you, but when it is your business it does matter. I could tell you horror stores about Network Solutions...but that is off topic :o) BTW, let us know when you get up and running, I just love looking at garden pics!

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safariofthemind(z7b NC)

I am an infrequent poster of pictures, preferring to spend my limited outdoor time in the garden.

The site I had on geocities was a static web page with pictures of the construction of the scree beds and plantings. This new page would probably follow a similar line, having maybe 50 to 100 pictures per year.

For casual posting I much prefer the informal nature of gardenweb and its simple forum format. That's why I hesitate to pay for GoDaddy. I already had photobucket and blospot accounts which are free but I did not want to use them just because I am ignorant of other, better free alternatives. RJ

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For what you are wanting to do, I wouldn't pay for anything either. There are too many free sites out there that are suitable for your needs.

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I use photobucket as a place to store pictures. You can arrange them into albums and they have an "organize" feature so that if you want to change the way they are arranged, you can. I have one album that is just a virtual tour of the yard, in the same order as if you were walking around it.

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