soil for los angeles spotted succulents indoors?

fats626July 19, 2014

Hello folks,

I am new to succulents and looking for a simple, no-nonsense soil recipe for my potted succulents. I have tried store bought cactus mix and my succulents keep drowning!

I am hoping that someone can shed some light on this hotly debated issue? I have a ton of cactus soil from the containers in which I buy my plants. Can someone suggest a simple recipe in which I can make use of this soil and supplement with a few simple, accessible and relatively inexpensive ingredients? I am planting for events on a fairly large scale in potted containers for both east coast and west coast use�and would these coasts have different soil needs for indoor potted plants?

Help!!! I am overwhelmed and in over my head!!

Thanks : )

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I like turface for all container mixes. It's not always easy to find, however. They have a website. Send them an email to find someone who carries it in your area.

If you can find it mix 50 percent of that old mix with the turface.

Pea gravel, pumice, expanded shale are alternatives. Perlite is fine too. I think the key is more than half the mix needs to be non organic coarse mineral material. Preferably, the organic material should be mostly coarse bark, crushed pecan shells, or coconut husk product.

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