Greenville Plant Swap 2014

KingsTable(7)April 9, 2014

I'm not the coordinator, but this is the message from them: Please come and join the local green thumbs for an afternoon plant swap.
Yes, a plant swap. No money needed, just something that has roots, could grow roots or came from a root. And remember, the more you give the more you receive. For every plant you bring, You take one home.

Here are the basics-

Where: Greenville Glen 1101 Garlington Rd, Greenville, SC 29615
When: Sunday April 27 from 1 until 3
If you need help dividing~please come about 15 min early. If you are pro divider- please come early and help.
We will potting dividing and mingling from 1 p.m. until the swap starts.
The first round pick will start at 1:45 pm

Tables, snacks, beverages will be available as will soil and pots but bring your own gloves.

Please remember to bring----
Plastic grocery store bags
Paper towels
Notepad- Getting peoples names and # if you want to trade again or you have questions about a plant you may have gotten from them. And to write info about your plants.
Name your plants- I buy a cheap mini-blind from Habitat, cut the strings out, cut in to 5" strips and write on them with a china marker. Much cheaper than plant tags and the china marker(wax pencil) doesn't fade.if know the actual cultivar name, please mark that as well. EX- Shasta Daisy, cultivar is "Alaska"- if you don't know, that's o.k. too.
Cards with your name and # for handing out.

Here are a few of the "Haves" that participants plan to bring for the swap-
Monkey grass
Daylily- different kinds
Sedum "Autumn Joy"
Bee Balm- Different varieties
Shasta Daisy
Aster- purple
Starter Gardenia
Tomato- different varieties- please contact me for email address. This person can't make it to the swap but would like outside trades.
Starter Rose of sharon
Penstemon a.k.a Beardtongue
Lambs ears
Patio Peach Trees
Cleome seedlings a.k.a. Spider Flower
Ice Plant
Verbena Homestead
Lily of the Valley
Seedling bedding plants
Veggies & Fruit seedlings
Hollyhock seedlings
Lambs ears

Wants- what people are looking for

Purple heart plant a.k.a. Wondering Jew
African Violets
House plants
Beautyberry Bush
Perennial daisy- other than white
Rose campion
Begonia- perennial
Shasta daisy
Purple cone flower
Red Hot Poker
Coral bells
Confederate Jasmine
Milk Weed
Roses- Odd color double bloom roses
Pond Plants

Cuttings of-
English Boxwood
Rose of Sharon
Dwarf Evergreens
Confederate Jasmine Vine
Red/yellow twig dogwood

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A few more things to know from the coordinator:

If you're not sure how to divide your perennials, especially if they are ones with eyes or you're just nervous about taking a knife to your plant... just come early and either myself or another experienced gardener will be glad to show you.

If you only have one or two kinds of plants... don't worry, that's why we are doing this. Bring what you can, and others will be happy to share. Bring as many of that one kind that you can spare. The more you bring the more you get.

If you have a plant/shrub at your house that cannot be divided but you love and want more of... Bring stems/branches/leaves, if they have grown. If not snap a picture, and we may be able to tell you how to propagate it.

If you see that you have a shrub that someone is wanting cuttings of, please take the cuttings just before you come, wrap the ends in a damp paper towel and put in a bag. This will insure the end doesn't dry out by the time it gets to its new home.

I would also like to have a table dedicated to "Name That Plant"- we all have mystery volunteer plants that sprout in the spring and for the life of me I can never be sure if I planted something there if its from a seed the birds left behind. So if you have a plant your not sure of, please bring it. We'll set them out with a pen and paper and see if anyone knows what it is.

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I haven't been to this plant swap before - do plants need to be in individual containers? I have a bunch of daylillies (older orange variety that I have in excess) that I have planted with several per container that I can bring. I also have some early blooming daffodils (mix of single and double flowered ones - no guess which the individual bulbs are) done the same way. Some excess Itea "Henry's Garnet" that I brought from our previous house that doesn't really have a place at our new home, and some other excess plants. Do I just bring these plants in larger containers or do I need to plant them into individual pots?

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I'm not coordinating the swap but am just passing along the message for it. From what I understand, you can come at least 15 min early, and someone over the swap will help you divide them. It's also ok if you don't know exactly which variety the plants are.

Hope to see you there!

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I had forgotten but we will be gone all next weekend. Maybe next time.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

amalgamate, I probably can't come to the swap, because I will be on call for work. I have to be able to respond quickly.

I have a lot of bulbing type flowers that need to be divided. I'm not sure what the proper name would be, maybe bearded Iris? I think Mom called them flags or something like that.

I bought my parents house in 2011 after Dad died. They have been neglected and it is probably too shady where they are now since the trees have grown a lot.

I'm not a flower person, if I can't eat it I ignore it on the most part. ;)

I can't remember the colors or what the blooms look like, the late frost killed all of the blooms.

Do Y'all have some place that I could drop them off early as a donation? I would hate to just dig them and dump them, but I have no place to put them right now without them being in the way of my future plans.

The yard is a mess and I'm going to be doing a lot of ripping out and stuff.

I could also bring cuttings from a huge snowball bush and an unnamed fig tree, I think it is a brown turkey. I'm not sure if it is the proper time to take cuttings from them though? I do know that they root very easily.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I hope everything turned out well! I guess you didn't see my previous post?

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Do they ever have one of these in the fall?

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I don't know if they do a fall swap but I have a number of plants in excess i would love to swap.

I have a couple of hosta varieties, a couple of daylilly varieties, Henry's Garnet Sweetspire, daylillies, black eyed susan, liriope spicata, and purple iris in excess.

I'd love to swap for things I don't have, particularly good shade plants.

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I'm sorry wertach -- I didn't notice your posts until now.

In the Spring, there was talk of having a Fall swap but I haven't heard any plans for it.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Let me know if you have a fall swap.
I have plenty of the bearded Iris.

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