oranges were sweet now sour

Synd95February 3, 2011

We have an orange tree that has been producing wonderful oranges until two years ago. In 2009 the oranges were not sweet. In 2010 there were no oranges at all and now in 2011 we have lots of oranges but they are on the sour side. What is going on?

Also we bought a cocktail tree with meyer lemons, persian limes and key limes. It had fruit when we bought it and the first year we had a few fruit. This year NONE!

Just as a side the kumquat tree in the same area is thriving and producing great fruit.

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Got any pictures of the trees? closeups of the leaves would be of interest.

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My trees bloomed very late due to the late winter and multiple freezes last year. A Del Rio orange was just getting sweet when I had to pick all the fruit Tues due to the looming 25 deg night. This is nearly two months late. Same for my Satsumas, only all them did not ripen before they froze

Did your trees get exposed to a cold long lasting winter last year?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Sweetness in oranges is a function of hours of sunlight while the fruit is present on the tree.

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We were cold this year. So that's a possibility. We never had a hard freeze though. I think our sunlight has been a bit less than previous years but not enough to make that big a difference (IMHO). Here are some pics. The first 6 pictures are the orange tree, the next 10 are different branches of the cocktail tree and the last 4 show the happy kumquat tree!

Here is a link that might be useful: my orange and cocktail tree and kumquat

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I tend to agree with Jean. I'm in zone 8B/9A and my oranges were quite good this year. I thought you might have had the rootstock taking over your tree, but your photos clearly show that this is not happening. I did notice that the leaves were not as well colored as they could be. Have you been feeding the trees well, citrus does tend to be heavy feeders, so as soon as it gets warm enough in your area to begin fertilizing, I'd begin a fairly heavy feeding schedule.

Good luck.

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