How to save a fallen banana tree.....

mistcastroDecember 26, 2008

Hi ~ I purchased a house with beautifully landscape tropical backyard. I am not much of a gardener but have done just fine and enjoy the yard immensely. Yesterday in the storm our large banana (so they tell me) fell over from the wind. The roots are exposed and broken off. Can this tree be saved and if so how?

The temperature this AM is 34 degrees. How do I protect it?

Thanks for any help.

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Bananas will reroot as long as the root base is still intact. However, the cold is not a favorable condition for a tropical, so you may not see new roots until spring. Simply reset the banana in the ground securely tied to an upright support such as a tree stake.

Frost will damage leaves, and freezes can kill bananas. There's a few things you can try - if it's an occasional frost, cover with non-plastic sheets and if it will get really cold, wrap in Xmas light (bulb type) for extra warmth.

My bananas were toppled by gopher damage, and I was able to get all of them to reroot this summer by copious water and food. =^,,^=

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Thank you! I will try it.

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godsdog(z10 LA ss22)

in my experience, it is uncommon for bananas to be uprooted by the wind, unless the ground is very soggy. if that is not the case, then I'm in agreement with the advice you have gotten. If the ground is very wet you may want to cover with plastic close to the corm to keep any additional rain away from the roots and let it dry out before watering. Bananas don't like to be wet when they are cold. With warm weather you should see some pups. They don't grow much if temp is below 70. Fruiting bananas go from pups to fruit to dying in 18-24 months of weather above 70 degrees. Non fruiting ones have varible life cycles and some grow a lot slower. It will most likely survive.

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miketrees(WA Australia)

Each stem or trunk on a banana is not going to last for long anyway, they are always being replaced by new stems.
Sorry if I am stating the obvious.
If you ever plant a new one or for that matter replant this one, you should plant it in a bit of a hole in the ground.
They do tend to work the base upwards after time, then the wind can blow them over

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