unhealthy leaves

PeterS1938February 25, 2013

I have a 4-5 year old navel orange tree with pea green leaves not the dark green healthy leaves like my other orange tree.last year it was full of bloom which in turn developed small oranges and then all dropped off.I have some very good well rotted horse manure and wondered if this would help the overall health of the plant.Any suggestions please?

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don't know if the horse manure will help, only because I have never tried it. The last time I was having light colored leaves I went ahead and got some zinc chealtor and sprayed it on the foliage of the tree. It can also be from iron deficiency.. I hope you figure this out and I hope I was able to help a little.

Also this website should help:


Good luck

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Thanks for the advice I will try the iron first.

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Hello and welcome:-0)

Are you talking about a potted tree or one in the ground?

That can mean all the difference in diagnosis of your trees condition and solution.

Do you have any pics?


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Hello meyermike and thanks for the welcome.The tree is in a pot and as for putting photos on I have only just got the computer and have not yet found out how to do it(im 75 and you know what they say about learning old dogs new tricks).
Thanks for the reply

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, Peter!
How have you been fertilizing your trees?


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Yes, Peter, I was wondering what Josh just asked you.

Peter, you are never too old to learn! The mind is a young as was when we were kids or as you want it to be, but the organs themselves, well, we won't go there..ha

Also, have you tested the pH of your tap water? Do you use tap or rain water?

Hey Josh!:-)


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Thanks for the replies- it is in a large pot and I have been feeding it citrus feed and lately tried a tomato feed with a high nitrogen content.(advised by a garden centre)

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How are the trees looking now?


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Hi Mike
Just the same,leaves still a yellow greenish colour
I dont know what to try next.

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GKGK(9b East of SF Bay)

I did this to my potted kumquat tree. Too much fertilizer! Flush the soil 3-7x over the next few weeks with lots of water and do not fertilize for a long long time. Maybe next year, maybe. The high nitrogen fertilizer is salty and citrus is very salt sensitive. Salty soil dehydrates the tree as well. If you haven't already, you will see leaf curl, yellowing / bronzing, and yellow tips over the next months.

Good luck and be patient. My Kumquat has been in a static, dehydrated state for 7 months and is just now starting to show signs of growth and regreening.

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