Help potting my plants.

greenhavenrdgardenFebruary 3, 2012

Hi all! Thanks for all your help so far. I have another question for you. I have a large order of clematis coming this spring-40 total-36 from Brushwood and 4 from Silver Star. I was originally planning to plant them right away but since the # purchased seems to be increasing every week, I am now thinking I will pot them up in gallon containers and plant them as the spots become ready.

What kind of soil should I use in these containers. Up until now, when I need to pot a plant I used Miracle Grow potting soil. I have read some threads where posters claim that it killed their plants. I also read about some soilless mix that is popular around here but I don't think I can find the ingredients and I'm afraid to experiment with such a large number of plants. Anyone have a suggestion of a quality bagged soil I can buy for these pots or is there something I can add to the bagged soil to make it healthy for my clematis that will be arriving this spring.

Thanks in advance. Laura

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

I suggest a potting mix rather than a potting soil. Different brands I have tried seem about equal.

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pmermakov(Zone 6 (OH))

I have used the bales of potting mix from Home Depot and Miracle Grow mix without problems with either one. I always add lots of water to the "soil" to make it very moist before potting up the plant/vine. It can be a little messy, but worth the effort.

What are the names of the clematis you ordered and how do you plan to support them? On shrubs, trees, man-made trellis, etc.? I have reached almost 100 clematis in my collection, most of which I have purchased since 2010.
Good Luck!!

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Thanks for the response! I am feeling better about the potting soil. I have been buying the Miracle Grow that says "protects against Over AND Under watering". I dont mind spending the extra money or adding extra stuff to it or even doing extra work, I just want to make sure it doesn't kill my plants.
I am not sure exactly how I am going to support all of the plants yet. We have a large property and we are adding alot of gardens, removing lawn. If nothing else, I will let many grow on the 4ft rock wall that completely surrounds the property. I want to grow as many as I can through trees and shrubs but most of those are new and too young or getting replaced. We do have a beautiful mature Japanese Cutleaf Weeping Maple that I might try but, for now, growing through trees/shrubs will have to wait. I also installed 4 9ft trellises in front of my colonial house (on the front porch that runs the length of the house) and I am excited about watching them grow up those.
The plants I purchased so far that will be arriving in spring are:

Silver Star:
Ashva x2
Abundance x2

J Huxtable x2
Bonanza x2
Huldine x2
Villa de Lyon x2
Arabella x2
Polish Spirit x2
Purpurea Plena Elegans
Ernest Markham
Rouge Cardinal
Prince Charles
Kardynal Wyszynski
Etoile Violette
Perrins Pride
Gravety Beauty
Florida Seiboldii (risky I know)
Dr Ruupel
Multi Blue
Crystal Fountain
HF Young

I also bought this past fall from a local place:
Nelly Moser
Pink Chapagne
Jackmanii Superba
Hagley Hybrid
Contesse De Bouchard
Venosa Violacea x2
Sweet Autumn
Julia Correvon
Summer Snow-Fargesoides
Montana Mayleen (risky)
Montana Grandiflora (risky)

That should keep me busy :)I am going to place 1 more order but then I am DONE---I think ;)

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WOW! Now I know why Brushwood ran out of clematis, you bought them all, LOL. I can't wait to see pictures of your babies. And by the way, you're going need a very, very strong support for Sweet Autumn!

Happy Planting :)

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marquest(z5 PA)

I have purchased Clematis on sale and did not have time to plant them for a year or two. I used bagged soil and did not have any problems. Some I have purchased off the net that were small and I wanted to give them time to grow before I put them in the garden. I used Miracle Gro most of the time or the bulk potting soil from my local nursery. As the rest have told you bagged soil will not kill your plants.

Do not mistaken all the rage of the gritty mix talk as the only thing you should use to grow plants in a pot is as all truth. You are wise not to experiment with your outdoor plants.

In the winter I would place the plant/pot in the garden and cover with leaves.

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pmermakov(Zone 6 (OH))

Gardenhaven, The stone wall sounds like a great place to let the clematis grow. Maybe you could use some 2x4inch coated mesh against the wall to help the clematis climb it more easily. I thought Bonitamariposa's comment was funny about you being the reason Brushwood is sold out of so many!

Here is what I have reserved for the spring:
Catherine Clanwilliam
Little Mermaid
Princess Dianna
(Silver Star Vinery):
Jan Fopma
John Huwells
Tie Dye
(reserved from Hummingbird Farms):
Madame Baron-Veillard

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