New to clems....planting to grow with a rose?

teeandcee(Florida 9b)February 19, 2011

Hello everyone. I'm new to clematis but am in love. I bought a cute little bell-shaped one last year from Brushwood and this year bought 4 more; Huldine, Purpurea Plena Elegans, recta Purpurea, and Rooguchi.

I'm thinking I'm going to plant the Rooguchi to grow up a hybrid perpetual rose I have (Baron Girod de l'Ain, upright and narrow growth habit). I thought it'd make a perfect support for Rooguchi plus it's in full sun and on a corner with lots of air circulation.

My understanding is Rooguchi will have to be tied somewhat. Correct? And where exactly do I plant the clem? Near the rose? At the base? Behind it? In front of it?

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Yes, 'Rooguchi' is a sprawler, not a viner :-) You will need to train it up through the rose, where it may reach as tall as 8'. You can plant it as close as you like as long as it doesn't conflict with the roots of the rose - front or back....doesn't make any difference.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Thank you, Gardengal.

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