Just moved to inner sunset SF

greenhousems(6/7)December 29, 2012

I have recently moved to Inner Sunset, 4 blocks from the beach. I am excited about starting a new growing season.

I have a courtyard at the back of the house, protected on all sides..... I am particularly interested in Dahlias, any annuals for a scented garden, and runner beans.

Any suggestions on whether these will grow succussfully?

Also if you have any additional suggestions please feel free to suggest them.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

First, the inner Sunset is the opposite more easterly side of the district, you're in the outer Sunset. Dahlias can do well there if given full sun and wind protection, but will be prone to mildew if grown in too much shade. As the soil is nearly pure sand in this part of the Sunset, adding mulch and lots of compost will really help with water-loving plants like Dahlias. I'd suggest you look at the website for Annie's Annuals and cross reference her lists for fragrant plants and annuals and coastal plants. Some plants, not necessarily annuals, that give good scent without requiring heat might include various foliage scented Pelargoniums, Coleonema, Salvia clevelandii, Yerba Buena, Paperwhite Narcissus, Daphne odors, Osmanthus fragrans, Freesias to name a few choices. Also check out the Fragrance Garden at the SF Botanic Garden for an entire garden full of fragrant plant choices.

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Here are all my plants that could do well in San Francisco depending on the soil and the care you give them. Roses do not do that great. Hydrangeas will but they need a lot of compost and water. Things need a lot of care and fuss. What has failed is any plant marked water saving that needs heat. Tomatoes don't do well. I am always giving away plants that I have too many of. I can give you some of those. Not all of these plants are still around. I take the photos when they are doing well.

Here is a link that might be useful: My San Francisco Garden

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I have a lemon tree, I am giving away if you are interested, or if anyone is from around san francisco area. I would post in exchange, but no one looks there. I posted a rose give away and someone contacted me six months later and it was too late, as i had given it away on craigs, but I would give to someone on garden web. This is a young eureka lemon, but I don't think it is a dwarf, I am not sure, but it bound to get too big for my yard and I already have a meyer lemon. If you post here, I should get a notification and I will contact via garden web. Make sure you allow email from other members.

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I am interested in any donations and will take very good care of the plants.
Thanks so much for the kind offer.

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Welcome to The City! I hope the chilly last couple weeks haven't turned you off.

My two suggestions:
1) Walk around your neighborhood and check out what is growing on your street. Lots of huge jade plants, yucca, rose geranium, eucalyptus, camellia, and juniper.
2) Go by Sloat garden center across the street from the zoo. They know a lot about your particular microclimate.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

The Eureka will get huge, unless you are sure it is on dwarf or semi-dwarf stock. Make sure you site it properly. This one in my neighbor's yard was photographed from 45' away standing uphill from it. The peak of the garage roof behind it is at least 25' above the base of this tree:

May I ask why you want annuals? Evergreen perennials are so much more satisfying here, where you are as likely to be sitting on the patio in January as you are in July.

One suggestion to deal with the poor soil - half of CA is nutrient-poor sand and the other half is greasy adobe clay, IMHO - is to make a cohesive design and put in above-ground planters. The sand makes for great drainage!

Go look at big box center nurseries as well, right now. You'll see what the "reliables" here are, which might be quite different than what you were used to.

Enjoy eating at Park Chow and Gordo's Taqueria! How I miss the Crumpet Shop from the 1970's, sigh.....nothing was better than freshly baked crumpets with lemon curd and Devonshire cream (okay, it was the glass jar stuff, but still - yum!).

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

What a great tree photo! Lemons cost about one dollar each so imagine how much money that tree is worth. I do not think that one is dwarf, but it is given gone now.

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Thanks for all the replies and advice. The lemon tree is planted and looks like it is adjusting very well(thank you Tropical Thought).

Why Annuals? I just think they add a little variety to the mix. I will keep you posted.

That lemon tree photo is stunning.

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Annuals are cheap fun.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

I guess it's whatever you like. I'd rather have hummers year-round on my cestrums, and a dozen Gulf Fritillary butterflies flitting around ten months out of the year on my passifloras.

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