companion annual vines?

weebayFebruary 25, 2010


I moved into a new house this fall and am starting a new garden. I have orderd a Daniel Deronda and Jackmanii.

I am trying to decide where to put them and perhaps what other vines to grow with them.

I don't have much experience with clematis, except in containers, and I have never grown these 2 varieties.

I was thinking of growing some annual vines with them.

I was also wondering if I should grow these two together or in separate places?

Some of the annual vines I am considering are:

moonflower, Chilean glory vine, bower of beauty vine, hyacinth bean, asarina wislizensis.

Or, Should I just grow the clematis on their own trellis with no other vines?

Any advice would be great!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

since Clems take so long to get established I would not plant an annual vine with them. The roots would not do well with the competition.

Daniel Deronda is a type II for pruning and Jackmanii is a III so I would not plant them together. I prune my DD as a III most of the time but I have a longer growing season than you. It blooms twice a year for me, it is my longest bloomer I just love it.

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Thanks a lot for the advice. That is exactly what I was wondering, even though I didn't explain it very directly. :)
I am really looking forward to the Daniel Deronda.

As a side note, do you think either of them will bloom this first year?

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