Watering in winter like its summer...

stanofhDecember 19, 2013

Almost. Its like my summer routine is coming back. A little spooky.

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Yes, I have never given up watering,only reduced it to match reduced transpiration of the shorter days. Last year at this time we had plenty of rain, more than normal. Al

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CA Kate

We are now on the city's winter watering schedule... Sundays only. I'm already hand watering the plants in pots.

I don't quite understand who decided that once-a-week watering is sufficient here in the Valley. So far this month we've had 0.15" of rain.

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Al,that's it..same here. Less,but about as often.
Estelle,I've seen some lush Fresno landscaping. Is it voluntary to cut back?

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CA Kate

In Fresno we have to comply to the City's schedule... no matter the weather. Only thing, we can water as long and as much as wanted on Sunday. The ground will only take so much water in a single day, and a week can be a long time if it's warm and dry during the day. I water twice at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for 10 minutes each time. If I see things getting dry I will have to try to add a third.

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