I see new growth!

buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)February 8, 2009

It was sunny without wind and not too cold yesterday. I pruned all of my integrifolias as they were all sprouting.

We filled two 60 gallon yard debris bins (ours and the neighbor's) a 32 gallon trash can and two half full compost bins with debris. Mostly from winter storms and fall leaves that hadn't broken down yet.

I didn't really start pruning anything except six integrifolias and about ten ornamental grasses.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Sounds like things are starting early out your way BorS. Hopefully you won't have any cold weather to nip things back. Things here were pruned back in late December and the first part of January. We are having temps into the low 70s with no frost for the next few nights. I hope it doesn't get things started here. It is way too soon for growth here. April two years ago we had a freak warm spell and then right at Easter it went into the mid 20s for several days and quite a few things besides clematis got seriously nipped.

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I've been pruning too :-) Started at one corner of the front garden and slowing making my way around. Really hacked the SAC to nubbins......I'm sick of its thuggish nature and I'm getting ready to pull the whole thing out. It's been in place so long it probably has a huge root system and it's in a tight corner with limited access so I'm not excited about trying to get the roots out. But I want to plant another clematis (or two) in the area so it has to go.

In addition to the SAC, I pruned a viticella, an integrifolia and the orientalis. All were showing new growth. Cut back a large miscanthus that needs to be removed (supposed to be a dwarf - ha!) and trimmed back a bunch of other stuff. Now is my favorite type of year for this type of work and when I generally have the most time. But unlike BorS, all my debris is in a huge pile on my front walkway, waiting for me to bring the truck around and load it up for the yard waste transfer station. Somehow the clean-up part of the process is not nearly as fulfilling as the pruning part and I would gladly leave it all to someone else......if there was anyone else available :-)

I checked all my containerized clems and most are showing buds forming at the old leaf nodes. There's a bunch that need to be planted and I haven't even received what's on order, so that numbers going to climb. Where they're all going to go is still to be determined........

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

I am in the same boat Pam with regards to SAC. I hacked it back by half after it bloomed to remove the developing seeds. It put out new growth and was still green up until the time that I did prune it back in January. That cold snap we had with temps in the teens put it to sleep then. Mine has been in place for probably at least 5 years and I have considered removing it but I would hate to try and dig up the root system. In addition, it has survived the last two years of drought here with no watering or fertilizing by me so I sort of hate to get rid of such a carefree plant not knowing what this summer or subsequent ones will bring.

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karalyn(Z6 W. Boise)

Hi! I'm seeing new growth and starting cutting back my clems as well, since our temps here got into the mid 40's. I'm trimmed back some roses as well.
On some of my clems I'm deciding it might be time to divide.

My SAC fell over with the grid type trellis I had it on and not anchored. So some of the trunk finally just broke at the base. But knowing SAC there should be a root system. If it doesn't come back I have another on the other side of my yard next to the east side of my house wall under the eaves. That one I got more brave of cutting back as it grows along a wire with Freda, Warsaw, Blue Moon, William, and DOE. Also, I've discovered a Cde Bouchard has finally starting to show her colors after planting her years ago and never saw her again. Until the last couple of years to see a bloom to know what plant it was.

Lastly on this side of the and more in the front corner of the house is Montana Broughton Star.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Well, it is snowing again today. I sure hope it stops. I'm glad not to be a florist anymore but feel for them when they have to try to deliver in snow.

I won't have yard debris pick up until the 16th. I wish it was every week like garbage and recycling.

Hopefully the 21st will be sunny so I can get all the roses and clematis pruned. The viticellas have a large amount of vines to get rid of.

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I'd love to be in a climate where new growth was already showing! I have a few weeks yet (like 5-6). I did have mixed feelings, however, after discovering new growth on many seedlings in my "cold storage" area: a basement bathroom with the window tipped open to keep it at 40 degrees. I guess they're responding the the longer days and need to under lights now.

It's my own little version of spring!

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Michael, here this past week in NC, I have had my seedlings outside in the warmth and sunshine every day. I did bring them inside last night as we were forecast to get down close to freezing. They will be going back outside today but I fear the nights and days outside will end today as we are forecast for colder weather this week and even a chance of snow showers.

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wanda(Z9 CA)

We had a very mild January and early Feb. Temperatures here reached almost 70 on some days. I usually don't prune until mid-late Feb., but I had to start 2 weeks early. I held off on fertilizing, but they still started growing. I gave in and fertilized this past weekend, but they still grew and I already started pinching Harlow Carr, Perle d'azur, Warsaw Nike, Star of India, Vesuvius, and Florida Seiboldii. The darn Florida Seiboldii even had some buds on it which are opening now.
My cirrhosa 'Wisely Cream' is just finishing up.
I'm just praying we don't get a late frost.


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