Watering Clematis from the bottom up

sandyl(Zone 6B -7)February 29, 2012

I know most of you are saying WHAT right about now.. Here's a little tip that I came of with several years ago that has really paid off concerning new Clematis or older Clematis that have been in a pot for a couple years and is ready to be transplated in the garden. When I dig the hole for the transplant I dig the hole big enough to insert a piece of 4" pvc pipe into the hole beside the Clematis and I use the PVC pipe to water and fertilize the Clematis from the bottom up during summer when watering is required. If the root ball to the Clematis is large then I might use a piece of PVC pipe as long as my arm. I leave a couple iches of the PVC pipe sticking up above the ground and mulch around the pipe. I have found that watering them from the bottom up their roots grow down more. Just a little tip for the newbies. I just about can't wait til Clematis time. Its about like Christmas. All mine appear to be coming on strong now. Oh almost forgot, I am moving my 8 year old Jackmanii, in fact there are two jacks in the 1/2 whiskey barrel that have been on the south side of my house in full sun on a trellis for several years, it gets way to hot on that side and I will be moving the whiskey barrel to the north side near the front porch, They should not brown out as much on the north side and I can enjoy them while setting on the front porch. They should go up to the top of the eve and flop back down, should be gorgeous. There is a lot of sun on the front north side just not hot blazing 140 degrees + next to a brick house with no shade all day. They should be happier this year.

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Great tip! Thanks for sharing. I have 40 clematis coming this spring from Brushwoods and Silver Star. I was thinking about efficient ways to water them bc they will need a lot of attention this yr. I was thinking of maybe buying some buckets and drilling holes in the bottom so I could fill the bucket and let them drain over the root area. Maybe even 1 gallon milk jugs. That way the water can seep slowly and I don't have to stand there for each one. I'm planting many along dry rock walls in new beds so I mIght try soaked hoses since its just a straight line I would need for each wall. Yours is a great idea too so now I have more to think about. It makes sense that they would do better with water delivered deep. Thanks for the tip.

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pmermakov(Zone 6 (OH))

Here is another tip I read about along the same lines in the book, "Companions to Clematis" by Marigold Badcock:

"...insert a feeding tube to aid watering and feeding of the root system. A two-liter plasic bottle with the base cut off, filled with gravel and placed into the hole, neck down, works well and usually last enough for the plant to become deep rooted before the container finally perishes. Remember to remove the screw-on lid. A length of a heavy-duty plastic tubing, the type for downpipes, will provide a more permanent feeding tube."

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