Don't see new buds down low

ginjjFebruary 24, 2013

I read to cut one year old clematis back to 8-18" being sure you have two sets of healthy buds.

In both cases the buds even at 2-3 feet look small and possibly dry, certainly no growth. There is green growth several feet up in fact one of them has flowers way up high now!

Should I go ahead and cut them way back and expect those buds to fatten up and do their thing?


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Yes. Hard pruning for the first couple of seasons is the way to go. Don't worry about the presence of buds.......IME, buds tend to form from the top down :-) Look for where the leaves were attached. There should be some remnants of the petioles or at least a small scar on the stem. This is where the buds will form so you can cut back to the second set of these leaf scars safely.

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