Something wrong with my Avocado?

SeanPez(9)December 13, 2011

Hello All,

I have planted this HAAS avocado tree in the ground since October. I have not seen any new growth, and the leaves are continually turning brown at the tips. I dont know what to do!! I thought it was lonely so i bought a Fuerte yesterday to keep it company. Also the fuerte has a piece of the stem damaged or something. Is it okay?



Here are some pictures.

Any advice would be great!



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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Looks like significant stem damage on the last picture. Return it and get another.

Do not expect them to do any growing until it warms up in spring. Baby avocado trees won't grow at this time of year (unless you are in southern Mexico). They grow when it is warm. Mulch the area around the base with a thick (4-6") mulch, keeping the area immediately around the base of the trunk clear. The root systems are sensitive and like protection.

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The necrosis at the tips or edges of the leaves is usually caused by the roots taking up a chemical from the soil the plant can not use. Sometimes Boron or another chemical natural to your soil, or some from your irrigation water, or even something you may have added, trying to improve the soil. Al

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