Tree ID needed

gobluedjmDecember 17, 2009

Can someone please tell me what kind of tree this is.

It drops leaves and branchs twice a year but doesn't go completely bare or deciduous.

This is the first time I remember seeing the black berries after 3 years living here. The berries are only about 1/4 inch and have't seen the birds eating them...yet.

They are becoming a mess on the sidewalk and driveway.

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Cinnamomum camphora.


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Thanks Joe! Now I know why the birds aren't eating them.

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Beautiful shade, but those berries reseed all over the place and small branches break off all the time! There's one on the neighbors backyard that is more to my side and it litters terribly; then, there is one on the front by the sidewalk that litters into my flower beds. I like the scent, but wished they weren't there.

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I hear you eloise. I am beginning to hate it. Doesn't give any shade to me since on the N side, but some say its the prettiest tree on the street...they don't have to clean up after it.

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CA Kate

I have planted a number of them to hide various views. When we did this no one said how large they get. I do love them tho' and will worry about their eventual size when they become a problem.

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If you have the room they are a beautiful tree, and any tree makes some kind of a mess. Be careful of keeping the roots too wet. They often fail as a lawn tree from the excess watering of the lawn. Al

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I noticed yesterday the robins are eating the berries.
I read how big it gets and the area is only about 12x15 feet bordered by cement and neighbors grass. It'll have to come out sooner or later as I expect water and sewer lines are beneath it.
I only water twice a week in summer (5 minutes) as the grass is mostly shaded from it or the house so shouldn't be a problem and the area is sloped.
There are many more desirable trees I would put there for sure.

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