Worth the wait; a few of my pretties

notolover(5)July 22, 2014

My Echinopsis hybrids are blooming a little earlier this year, probably because I put them outside earlier.

The top one is Schick "Napea" and the other is Schick "Oaxaca" The napea flowers are smaller this year, but this plant likes to bloom.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

absolutely beautiful!!

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Where do u find these pretties?

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Love them all!!! Stunning!! ;)


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The colors are amazing.

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Definitely worth the wait. Beautiful!


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Oh my!!! Beautiful!!! Yellow center is striking!
I'm not having much flowers from my gang. Over 60% of the echis did not bloom this year. May I ask, how tall is your plant?

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Laura Robichaud

Wow! Very nice!

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Thanks everyone: here's another from Mexican Hat (unnamed). This guy must have a lot of Lobivia in him because it etoiliates like crazy. Getting ready to chop it in half.

Luv daisies: These are Echinopsis hybrids, the two in the first picture are Schick hybrids and they are available at Huntington Gardens, but they are $7.50 each and many come very small.

I got these two from Arizona Cactus Sales and they were about $15. You can also look on Ebay. Also Altmans is selling plants at the BBS that they call Rainbow Bursts, but since they are unnamed, you'll be taking a chance. There are also Paramount hybrids, these are the parents of the Schick hybrids so the flowers aren't as spectacular.

Aztcqn: the napea is about 6" tall; I've had it for about 5 years, it started blooming after the first year. The other one is in a 4" pot. I hardly get any blooms in my 3" sized plants unless it happened to come with a bud. And one of my big Tricho's finally has buds on it and I've had that one for 9 years. They are baking in the sun for a good part of the day and I guess that's what it wanted. The bigger E hybrids get more full sun than the small guys, but my vertical pumpkin patch is about to block the morning sun. (I planted the pumpkins in a dog pen and the leaves are crawling up the walls :-)

Why don't you email the Huntington Gardens for some tips?

Here is a link that might be useful: Huntington Schick Hybrids

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