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stanofhDecember 30, 2011

One still has red berry like Tomatos,the other 7 or 8 Early Girls are greenish-but I'm sure will redden indoors. No cover,no protection..just this sunny December days. I wonder if in soucal-you might get Tomatos until spring?

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Uh-oh....I took mine off thinking that they'd attract diseases sitting there. They were looking kind of sorry when I took them out...leaves were beginning to look powdery.

But something to try next winter....

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I had three plants-one is gone on its own..died and shriveled away. Another,the small cherry mostly gone..but has perfect looking red tomatos on it. The Early Girl type-I'm almost tempted to fertilize it..maybe it might shoot new growth?
The mildew I would have expected by now-but its been so dry,it hasnt been much of anything.
btw-Lemon grass and chives are growing like champs. I wish I had room for more of everything...

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Yes, but by October I get so tired of looking at them, I just want them out of there.

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No tomatoes, but I still have a few peppers.

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I grow tomatoes year round where I live. My approach has been to plant two crops a year -- one around St Patrick's Day and another around the last week or two of September. Early indeterminate varieties do best for the Fall planting, and will produce all through the winter most years. We're in a bit of a warming trend right now so I am bringing in Early Girl and Stupice ripe from the vine. Early Girl has been the best variety for over wintering. Another bonus to removing the Spring vines and planting new Fall crops is that it will keep the vines from getting too large and nasty looking at any given time.

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Baby G (Z10, 300?CH, SoCal-LA)(10)

MrClint! Yes!!! I've been looking for zone 10 winter tomato growers.

So... end of September... from seed or small plants?
Early indederminants.. Early Girl, Stupice... any others that do particularly well?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

babyu, watch your better garden centers - you will see "winter" varieties appear. They'll have "winterish" or "early" names. Some good cultivars: Siberia, Silvery Tree Fir, Manitoba, Early Wonder, Mule team, Matina, Jetsetter, Stupice, Paul Robeson, Opalka, Champion, Siletz, Early Girl, Sub Arctic Maxi, Oregon Spring, San Francisco Fog, & Glacier, Northern Lights. If you grow them in containers (dark colored), you'll get a little more fruit due to keeping the root system warmer. If you grow them in the ground, mulch with dark mulch to increase soil temps. Indeterminate cultivars just keep producing, so you can keep them going into the winter. They get scraggly, so that's my only objection, and, you need the room to grow them. I opt for new plants in September or October.

Patty S.

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