bullthistleMay 7, 2008

Sorry I missed you last evening. I was at the guard gate @ 5:50 and he had no clue where I should go but he sent me to the Asbury Care Center and they wanted me to plant what I brought in their garden so I left and traveled the roads, I didn't realize that place is huge, I liked the stone houses that are hidden, so after looking for a place where a garden might be I returned home. I probably should have asked where to meet you, but as I said I did not realize the place was huge.

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Hi Bullthistle, I'm sorry I missed you as well. I'll give you my cell phone number for next time.

It was an intersting evening! We potted up some flowers for residents to give to their daughters and wives for mother's day. I agreed to come again on June 26 (I believe it is) and you're welcome to join me. They have a few peace lilies that can be divided and repotted and other stuff that we can take cuttings and root. The projects need to be fairly simple for this group of residents.

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Here is my number 704-567-0949. I work from home and have voicemail.

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Give me a call or I will move the plants back to their holding area.

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