Growing Citrus Rootstock - Seed or Clone

johninatorFebruary 24, 2014

Im thinking of growing some citrus rootstocks. From my research i found three most popular varieties (c-35, carizo, troyer). Can someone share a quick summary of each qualities?

I noticed a sucker below the graft of my gold nugget from durling nursery labeled as std. I am planning to air layer that rootstock sucker or use it as cuttings and grow them from there. Is this a c-35?

I also have several dwarf citrus trees (orange, mandarin ,lemon/lime, grapefruit hybrids) from la verne nursery purchased in the last 6months. Does anyone know what rootstock they use?

Lastly, Can i grow rootstock from cuttings? Or are rootstock normally grown from seed. Advantages and disadvantages?


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I don't know the scientific or definitive answer; but I grow all my rootstock from seed, as do most certified nurseries. There must be a reason; I only know that it works for me and is the cheapest and most reliable method.

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John, where can I obtain rootstock seeds from? What rootstocks do you recommend for mandarins and grapefruit hybrids.


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When possible always grow rootstock from seed. These will give the best root system. That is especially helpful when a drought or wind storm can damage your trees.

Most popular, may not be best. If you are grafting and growing your own trees, match the rootstock to your particular soil. Ask locally what works best from real people with growing experience. Not some nursery wanting to sell what they have in stock.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

John, contact Citrus Treesource. They sell rootstock seedlings as well as seeds I bellieve. Mandarins are fine on C35. Same with grapefruit hybrids. Most of my trees are on C35 here in S. Calif, which is a very good rootstock for our area. John has most of his trees on Macrophylla. Okay for sour citrus, excellent for John's location in the world, but not the best choice for sweet citrus.

Patty S.

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Thanks Patty, I looked into citrus tree source and it looks like they only sell in bulk for rootstock seedlings (min 1000pcs) or seeds (c-35 = ~4200 seeds). Im only experimenting on my backyard garden to learn and enjoy citrus growing. I only need 10 to 20 rootstocks to do my experiments. Great company though. Their supercitrus product looks interesting.

Does anyone have c-35 and carizo seeds or seedlings in smaller quantities i could buy from? Thanks.


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Consider Flying Dragon understock. It is a semi dwarfing root stock and does not make a large tree.

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