color of new citrus seedling leaves?

merrybookwyrmFebruary 16, 2012

I have three citrus seedlings, the oldest is less than one week out of the seed starting mix. It started out bright green, but its two seedling leaves have unfurled yellow green. They are about 1/8" long each at this point. I have no idea what color those bitty leaves should be. Eldest seedling was also approaching 1" high and leaning strongly toward the south facing window it was in. If these babies need supplemental light, will 4 t40 flourescents hung a couple of inches above the seedlings be enough?

All suggestions gratefully accepted!

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New citrus leaves can be yellow green. But tiny seedlings usually have nutients to make them come out darker. Even in not so good light. I'm not an indoor grower other than to start a few seedlings now and then, so I cannot give good advice on lighting. But a few hours of S. facing window light is usually enough to get them going.

I usually don't worry too much at this point.


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Thank you Larry. This pretty new stuff at our house!

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