Bare root/crown/bud question

kristineca(z10 CA (Coast))February 25, 2006

I lucked on my first planting of clematis and received a 3 yr gallon-sized plant. It's now in the ground and putting out shoots. Lovely.

Received some of my other plants today--bare roots! Bare being the operative word.

All the manuals and my research say to plant the bare root crown at least two inches below the soil. I understand the crown to be where the roots meet at the stem. I found some great pics on the web that showed the kind of bare roots I purchased (3-5 roots). However, some of the plants have green buds/leaves right at the crown. And some have buds off a 2-3 "stem."

Do those green buds go two inches under as well? If there is a stem, should the buds remain on top of the soil.

Any help appreciated. I think I may not be cut out for bare roots and will find more gallon plants. Thanks, Kristine

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

Best thing is to start bare roots in gallon pots and grow them there until you can see roots through the holes in the bottom. And yes that is the crown and should be 2 inches under the soil and when you put it in its permanent spot you should plant it at least 4 inches deeper.

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I agree with bob. This year will be better spent in the pot, and don't worry about planting depth until next year when you will be putting a plant with well established roots into the garden. Last year I received the most pathetic looking bare roots I have ever seen. I potted up all four but only two lived. Those were the weakest clematis I have ever grown. The new growth has started this year and it has all the vigor I could expect. Those two plants would never made it if I had planted them bareroot in the ground last year. Al

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