How big should an aloe vera pup be for separation?

ClaireAndLolaJuly 4, 2012

My aloe vera plant is currently growing its first pup...I'm wondering how big the pup should be before i separate and transplant it? I recently had to cut the top portion off of the mother plant at the stem and transplant it to root, and the bottom rooted portion of the mother is looking a little sad...I'm worried that it will die before the pup reaches the usual size that I see people transplanting at. currently, it is poking out of the soil about an inch, and when I dig around it a bit it seems attatched about an inch and a half down...I'm guessing that this is too small to separate it, but it does look very healthy and has three small leaves total...I'm a bit of a beginner in the green thumb field, so any advice helps :)

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FerocactusLatispinus(Zone 4/Sunset 43 WI)

Well, an offshoot can theoretically be transplanted at any size. It really is best if the offshoot has roots before you plant it.

To be on the safe side, I might hold off until the pup reaches 2 inches in height. As for the mother plant, the sad-looking base shouldn't be anything to worry about, unless it is getting moldy. If the plant starts to rot, the stem at the base and up will progressively get off-colored. I recently had to do the same with my aloe. I had watered the cut plant when I transplanted it, and that got it starting to mold. I cut off the discolored portion and it started to root after a few weeks. It molded more easily because I really didn't let the cut callus over, and I should have.

I'd say for the parent plant, let the cut callus over, if it hasn't already, and don't water it. You can check it every so often for roots, like once a week. The same treatment will work for the pup also. It is best if it has roots to begin with, though.

No worries! :)

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Some Aloes offset without roots, and a gander at the Aloe FAQ will help you with information on rooting it.

A picture of your plant will help too in diagnosing what's possibly wrong.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

It looks like you have two pups.. Let it hang on until 2"-3" at least. The more the better. If there are no roots on it, Cut it and mist it for a month. It will start putting out roots and then start to water it. I have had pups all winter without diet or water, waiting for roots to form. Sometimes I put them in piled rocks and water the rocks and that creates a moist atmosphere but no standing water.

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Is there a picture in the first post which I'm not seeing but you are? I'm thinking your response below my picture is involving my plant, not the OP's. Is that right / not right?



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