meyer lemon tree

ralph31558(z8GA)February 26, 2011

i have had my tree for the passed two years, it has not given me any lemons as yet. It produced lots of flowers last year and looked like there were lemons comming out but they all fell off. as the cooler weather came in i brought the tree into the garage for protection, i also made shure it did not dry up, but the leaves started to fall off, now it is bare, and the tips of the branches are turning brown and drying up. What can i do? I set the tree outside to enjoy the warm weather we had, Hope to save this tree.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Ralph, what sort of soil mix and container is the Meyer in?
What temperatures was it exposed to while in the garage? Also, how much
light was it receiving in the garage?


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hi greenman, I had my tree in and out of the garage, i would bring it out during the day if it was mild weather and bring it in at night, the temp in the garage had to be at least 35-40 deg during the winter monthts. and the soil i had used was garden soil that is used for raised beds Miracal grow).

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Those temps don't sound too bad. Most citrus should certainly be able to tolerate those temps.

Since you mention that the soil is garden soil/raised bed soil, I must suspect that the root-zone is
staying too moist. I recommend re-potting into a more appropriate mix....unfortunately, the tree
probably has very little vitality left, being leafless and with branches dying.


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