Unhappy Leopard's Bane

aezarien(7b)May 14, 2008

We just put in a new raised bed and everything seems to be very happy except for the Leopard's Bane. The hole it's in is comprised of an eight in layer of topsoil, eight inches of mushroom compost topsoil, and about two to three inches of mulch. The roots were roughed up a little before planting, it was watered in well, and was watered deeply once or twice a week depending on the weather. I haven't fertilized anything in that bed I don't think and if I did, it would have been Miracle Grow liquid fertilizer. I had a few I was trying to get rid of from last season. It is situated in a shade bed where it gets a few hours of morning sun.

Anyway, it wilted slightly after being transplanted and slowly declined and died back. I have two more that I can replace it with but I don't want to put them there if either the plant will come back or if the new plantings are going to die too. Everything else seems to love the spot. It is just this one plant that is taking issue with it.

Everything I have read has said that this is a very easy to grow plant that doesn't need too much attention so no specific problems to speak of. Any ideas on what happened would be greatly appreciated.

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It may just be going dormant after blooming. This is a cool season plant that blooms in spring and goes often underground in hot weather. Many times plants like that will go ahead and go dormant after transplanting.

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Hrm... think it would be ok to move it? I would like to put something there that at least has some foliage during the growing season.

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You can move stuff when it's dormant.

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Thanks for the info! I went out and trimmed it back and the crown is kind of slimy so I pulled it out and threw it in a pot. If it makes it then it can come back and play with the rest of the kiddies. For now I think I am going to just leave it in the plant hospital and replace it with something like.. more Lamium.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Oh brother..I wish you lived next door. You could have ALL my lamium. Then, if you had a sunny bed I'd give you all my pink oenothera.
And then I would be happy.

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heh.. I could almost understand the latter because they can get aggressive but why the Lamium? Is there something I should know before I let mine get too established? This is my first year growing them and they said it wouldn't spread out too much.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I have a white nancy that I wish would spread. It comes back every year and blooms but is still only 2' at most. It's under a variegated weigela but still gets some sun.
It's really pretty though.

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Tammy Kennedy

I think that some (at least one) of the lamium run like crazy, while others spread at a reasonable, slow pace. I've always grown the spread slow type til i picked up a one at one of the swaps- and now i see what some folks might be giving it away! It's the one central plant, but right now has 12" runners shooting out 4 sides, in just a few months of being there. Not sure where i'll use it, but i think i'm going to get it out of there before it takes over.

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