Something wrong with my succulent?

Fern24July 28, 2014

So I recently went on vacation and left my neighbor to water my plants, and when I came back I repotted a couple of them. Over the past couple days the leaves have been wilting and turning a faded yellow color on one of my succulents. I tried looking around online and I don't know what to do!

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Looks like an echeveria. If the yellow falling leaves are on the bottom part of the plant it should be okay. If it's in the middle or newer leaves then maybe there's a problem. How often do you water it?

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The leaves are coming from the bottom, but it's leaving it with a pretty bare stem. For watering I normally give it a pretty good dose every 5-6 days and then give the soil time to drain out.

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Watering sounds about right for most echies, although it could be less depending where you live and if you're growing it indoor or outdoor. If you can post a picture of the whole plant it might be helpful.

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When the leaves started to turn yellow I moved it inside in front of my window so that I could watch it better. But it was outside before

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