2 new additions to citrus collection.

andrew78(6)February 7, 2012

Hi Guys!

I know it has been some time since I posted here and I apologize for that. I did miss this forum and all the friends I have here.

I visited a large multi faceted greenhouse business in Erie, PA. For people that live in the area, they do sell some truly awesome tropicals!

The owner Jim goes to this plant conference every year and he brings back some really nice tropicals. One particular type of tropicals he brings back is citrus.

He must have had at least 20 diffrent types and varieties of citrus. I saw trees in 1gal pots, 3 and 5gal pots, up to 30 gal trees!

I decided on a small navel in a 1 gal pot for $17.85 and then a Dwarf Meyer lemon in a 3 gal pot. The tree is very full, and measures about 15 inches tall and wide.

Both trees came loaded with flowers and small fruits. The navel is done blooming now with 9 or 10 small fruits. I don't think I will let them get too much bigger. I think it's probobly best to remove them now.

I am very excited about both trees. I figure they need about a week to acclimate to there new enviroment beforeI can repot.


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So, where are the pictures my friend! And where is my return e-mail?:-)

It's good to see you agin buddy and wait until you see how well my plants are doing!:-)
Please stick around Andrew and I hope the back is doing ok.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Welcome back, Andrew!
I second Mike's request for pics...you know how we love pics ;-)


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Hi guys,
I need to replace my digital camera..maybe I can get a cell phone pic but they really don't look that great.

Hi Mike,
I did email you...you might want to check your email and then get back to me if it still isn't there. I think I emailed you yesterday or the day before. I had quite a busy week last week.

Hi Josh,
Thanks for the warm welcome back! Give me a little bit and I will see what I can do with thosep ictures.

Take care,

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