bareroot roses now! ohoh!

deborahz7May 14, 2008

Home Depot has 50% off & free shipping now on roses. Online only. I couldn't resist, as I've been wanting Mister Lincoln for sometime now. Any advice for planting these bareroots now to help them survive & prosper?

I got Mister Lincoln, Chrysler Imperial, Intrigue, Sunset Celebration & Angel Face.

I also need to somehow explain to DH how these magically appeared in our yard. I wasn't supposed to buy anything else this year.

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Well, I usually have bareroot roses planted earlier in the spring but here goes the process...
Most important- don't let the roots dry out at any time.
First prune off any damaged roots from the plant. Then soak the roots in cool water for several hours to overnight. Prepare your hole as for a regular planting. Add organic matter such as compost to the soil. Plant the rose and carefully spread out the root system ( make sure the hole is deep and wide enough.) Back fill the hole. Water and wait a few minutes. Add more soil to the make sure the rose is at the same level it was planted at before ( you can tell by the color difference.) Water again.

Then you wait and just make sure it gets enough water. You should see leaf and stem formation quickly ( usually a week or so.) After it has developed leaves and buds, you can fertilize and treat as any other rose.

Good luck and don't be afraid of bareroot roses. It's a great economical way to get roses. As for explaining to your DH, try the "bargain" angle.

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Thanks for the tip, Deborah! Picked up a Mr. Lincoln myself...tough to have enough roses.

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Thank you so much CarolinaBlue for the very helpful post! I broke the news to DH last night. I got a look at first & then he shrugged his shoulders & said ok. Shocking!

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