Are these Orbea Variegata?

DavidL.caJuly 17, 2014

Saw these at local nurseries and not sure if they're Orbea, the kind that produces cool flowers. Can anyone confirm or ID them? I asked the guy working there and of course, he said it's a cacti or succulent, I asked him if it flowers, he said no, and then he pinched off part of the stem and said "Yup, it's a succulent." I nearly face-palmed myself on the spot..

There's a bunch of them there too.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

It *could* be Orbea variegata, but you'd need flowers to be sure. :P

I think I would've slapped that guy up side o' the head! Ha ha!

If they aren't too expensive, I get one & see what flowers!

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Haha okay, so it should be something along the lines of Orbea? Hopefully it will flower so I can find out. Some of them look quite unhealthy but I did manage to find one that looks okay. Might go back tomorrow to grab it..

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Picked up one today. Most of them looked laggy and a bit soft...Not sure if they were being overwatered or whatnot. Hope this one will make it! Would love to see one of those crazy flowers :O
Anyone has specific tips for growing these?

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Well you have a stapeliad of some kind at least ;0

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Congrats DAD! Hope you get your bloom in near future! Looks healthy to me!

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Most Orbea look exactly alike. Need flowers to see what kind you got. I think most are cool so you have a geat chance of getting a nice one.
Orbea variegata also called Stapelia variegata (which is wrong now) have the orange flowers. Orbea means orbit or circular referring to the middle section of the flower.

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Cool, thanks! Yeah I mostly just wanted to make sure that this IS an Orbea, I think I'lll be happy with any flowers, hopefully this one is mature enough to flower already. I heard the flower has a appalling scent though, is this true?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Your plant looks healthy enough. Possibly etiolated, but time will tell. Give it as much warmth as possible. From this pic, it looks more like a Piaranthus. Some stems still look like Orbea variegata. Blooms will tell! Fingers crossed that happens sooner than later! =)

I disagree with your generalized statement, Stush, that "most Orbea look exactly alike". But, I'm too tired to stay awake to discuss it. :/

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Most Asclepiads which Orbea belongs to are freely intercrossed to any other Asclepiad. So it is possible to have a hybrid which is different than any other Orbea or any member of it's family. Once again, blooms will tell for the most part. Myself, I would like to cross Huernia with Hoodia. Trying to increase the flower size. Oh but the smell. And only a few Orbea has a pleasant smell.
I had a Duvalia sulcata ssp. Seminude bloom for me and I noticed no smell at all. I tried to self pollinate and may be successful. End tip of flower is still on the stem. Waiting to see if it forms that long tube of seeds. If it is a hybrid, it will have many different seedlings but it a species, it will all be the same.

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I see, fingers crossed for sure! Would love to see some cool flowers! When do they bloom usually? Do they need lots of sun to do so?

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Like Rosemariero said, keep warm. This time of year when it's warm out, they can take more waterings. Watch during winter time when you bring it in, Water much less but more than a cactus. This is the most critical time for them. They like to rot.
And to clear up about all Orbea looking alike, Of course they don't but to an untrained eye, most do. That was what I ment to say.

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Okay, I will do my best to keep them warm, but they basically have the same temperature throughout the year because I grow all my plants indoor next to my windowsill. Probably a bit colder during the winter that's it. During the day they get good indirect sun and some direct sun late afternoon-evening. Hopefully they pop some flowers this later summer or fall so I can update you guys!

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