Did I - or the frost - kill my lavender?

tinanDecember 22, 2013

I have some lovely pinata lavenders (fern leaf) I love them but they grew so much this year I had to prune them 3 times as they were falling open and over a pathway. I don't know if I over-did it the last time, as I had to hack them back quite a lot, or if it was the sudden cold weather, or the deluge of rain last month, but they have all turned black and ugly :(

They are along the front path so quite prominent and looking awful right now. They were so beautiful all year!

Some parts are still alive and even have new flowers coming out.

Can I salvage them? Should I trim the black ugly parts off or leave alone for now?

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Frost killed mine the first year I put it in. Yours might survive.
Leave all the dead it will protect the remaining live growth.
Also cutting it off could promote new growth which could get frosted and die also.

You might think about goodwin creek lavender. It tolerates the frost and cold better. The latest cold snap killed the flowers but the rest of both plants are fine. It did get down to 27 here.

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I think your lavender will be fine. Wait until you see new growth before cutting back. Answering your post would be easier if you included your location or Sunset zone. Al

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I thought my zone was in my profile but I guess not - Palo Alto, CA (SF peninsula) sunset zone 15-16.

We have never had frost especially as these gardens are close to the stucco house, facing southwest - the walls keep the gardens warmer at night. This is a first!

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This is a frosty December, but not near as cold as December 1990. You lavender will be fine. Al

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