cabbage pests

larrysgardenMay 3, 2010

My daughter brought home a cabbage plant for a school project. Unfortunately it was infested with caterpillars. I've managed to pick them off and had done them in when another problem popped up. I noticed a build-up of moisture around the heart of the cabbage. At first I thought it was from the previous days watering and reasoned it would evaporate. The water is still there and now there appears to be round green eggs in it. What could this be? Any ideas? I don't want to wash them off or kill them if they might be some kind of beneficial insect, but I don't want to wait to find out if they are destructive, either. I've taken photos of it and will be glad to email them to anyone who is interested. Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: eggs on cabbage

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tamelask(z8a NC)

Those aren't eggs- they're the frass (poop) from the caterpillars. Just rinse it away. Since cabbage doesn't need to be pollinated, you could cover it with a very lightweight material (think sheer) loosley, but tucked under the pot on anchored to the ground to protect it from further infestations. You'll have to be diligent at first about cking it to be sure you didn't miss any eggs or small fry. Good luck!

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Use a Bt spray to kill caterpillars and still maintain a "safe to eat" plant. Cabbage caterpilars are really hard to control any other way because they are green and fast growing. We quit growing all coles (cabbages, broc, etc) because they were so hard to control.

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Thank you. I couldn't stand it and rinsed it off this morning before reading the responses. I subsequently found another caterpillar, but can't believe all that came from just one. The plant is looking much better since I've been watching it.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

LOL- caterpillars produce and amazing amount of frass for their size! They are basically eating machines.

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