NoID Hosta

aezarien(7b)May 31, 2009

I posted these on the Hosta forum but figured maybe someone here may know what some of these are as well.

There are about 40 photos in that thread so there is quite a heavy photo load.

As always, any help identifying these would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: NoID Hosta

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transplanted2scin07(7b upstate SC)

There are a lot of useful photos at that may help. Best of luck!

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the problem with your quandry is that it is only going by what things look like. The name of each plant is linked to its ancestry, where it fits in the registry of names for Hosta. You're plants were either tagged wrong, or untagged, or have lost their tags. All you can say now is that they "look like" blahblah hosta. Just because they look like something doesn't make them be that something. Thats why registries exist and why you often pay more for fancy named varieties of plants. I have these same hostas in my yard. I bought them at Sam's Club at a very cheap price. They didn't come with tags and even if they did, I would have removed them. Now, in my garden are some very nice named varieties and I keep those tags just to remind of who they are but for the most part I pay no attention to named varieties - mostly because I want to propagate mine and if they are patent protected you cannot reproduce them for any reason.

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Sandi - I have combed over hostalibrary a few times since last fall (not for the newer ones of course) and have found close matches to most but nothing I was comfortable with accepting. I do appreciate you taking the time to offer a suggestion though!

John - Thanks for the information. I was more interested in figuring out growth habit and such than actual names. I have been told that the ones I got from wallyworld are showing signs of HVX, more than one was labeled wrong, and it has become a source of frustration for me so those are going back anyway.

I'm curious (and a little nosy)though, are you planning to try to create new varieties or are you just going to propagate the native or original Hosta?

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Hostas are a great breeding project plant. Easy to manage the genetics and quick to grow out to see what you have created, but no, I am not interested in breeding them. In my yard the regular old variegated version works the best. I believe it is usually called Hosta albomarginata or some variation thereof. It is also the ONLY cheapo hosta I have bought that behaved as they are supposed to. My blue leaved forms have stayed pretty small (not what I wanted) but they are a nice blue color.

Anything I grow for a few years ends up with one of the viruses, so I never know if it came in with the plant or just showed up.

I like to root cuttings of just about everything so that I have a backup plant in case I lose the original. Though very few home gardeners are ever prosecuted for illegal propagation, it has happened - so I remove most of my tags and pay little attention to cultivar names.

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