Grow Tent and Light Setup

garret_87(Zone 6)February 4, 2013

Items in question:
2Ft 4 Bulb High Output T5 With Grow AND Bloom Bulbs
62-Inch x 36-Inch x 20-Inch Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

Is it possible to fully flower and fruit a Meyer Lemon tree inside a setup like this over the winter? Has anyone tried this? Or can anyone direct me to forum posts where something similar has been tried?

If this lamp was on, say 20hrs a day, would it provide enough light for this tree to grow and be able to ripen its fruit? (given that in the spring/summer the tree would be outside)

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Hey Garret..

I helped you on this thread you started and answered some of your questions.

Take care


Here is a link that might be useful: Garrets thread

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citrusfrak(Zone 7 Long Island NY)

I dont think that t5 would be enough. I have a 4 foot 4 bulb above an orange and grapefruit tree that is sitting in front of a south facing window which works. My t5 setup is 216 watts so yours if going to be about half of that. To really get good results with a light as your only light source you really need a HID setup of atleast 400 watts.

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garret_87(Zone 6)

I am considering replacing the T5 grow light with a 150w HPS. I feel like the T5 is better for my non fruiting tropical plants. I chose the 150w HPS because it is affordable, at just $66 and because it produces 16,000 lumens (compared to 8,000 from the T5). Also, it will produce more heat than the T5, so the grow tent will be much warmer.

150w HPS Mini Grow Light

Mike - I am always pondering better (or more effective) ways to grow my tree. I apologize if I am repetitive. None of my friends are interested in horticulture or container citrus growing, so I do not have anyone to bounce ideas off from.

Citrusfrak, have you had any success with your trees? Any pics? You said that a 400w HID would be right for growing as the only light source. That would bump the price up to about $150, which will be out of my price range for a while.

Has anyone estimated how many lumens a dwarf citrus tree should receive? Any thoughts on this light?

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Garret, I have no problem with you being repetitive, and in fact that is not what I meant.

What I am saying is that you never followed through with your questions on the other one and I didn't think you noticed your questions were answered,

Have a nice night and good luck.


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