Lots of Cuttings! ID Check

twiltye(9 CA)July 15, 2014

I visited my aunt in SoCal and her backyard is full of overgrown pots and I was very happy to help her trim some of her plants down!

Unfortunately I couldn't take too much, since I was rushed out the door and the car only had so much space, but I did get this box.


Haworthia? The pot was really crowded and my aunt pretty much just sliced a couple offsets off through the roots. I have three plants now, I think.


These are all from the same plant, and they look very similar to my graptoveria moonglow, except huge. But then mine I haven't had for very long, so it's hard to tell. Plus the ones I have got rather sunburned over the week while I was gone. It was very hot and I wasn't here to water ;A;


Crassula Ovata Gollum?


I can't tell if these are the same or different. They're both very branchy plants. I think they're aeonium? The second is more yellow than the first, and they came from different plants.


Not a clue what this guy is! He's bright red and adorable though.


And his friend, on the left, also not sure.

Meanwhile the plants I already own are all very dehydrated and sunburned, so these guys will stay in the box until I can get that sorted out (and go get some more pots!! Where am I going to put everything)

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The Haworthia is the popular Haworthia attenuata (zebra plant). Gollum jade looks about right, and the last two are some sort of sedum. The aeonium should be Aeonium kiwi. Nice cuttings, congrats!

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twiltye(9 CA)

I thought aeonium kiwi at first, but the rosettes seemed too small to me! And the odd variation between the two different plants confused me. But I'm still a beginner. I'd been wanting a kiwi for a while. Whether they are or aren't it's a very pretty plant.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Folks,

Nice assortment you got there, how fun!

I disagree pls. on #4, it's likelier an Echeveria of some kind (Aeoniums usually have hairs on the edge of their leaves).

The little red thing is a Sedum of some kind. I think some of those are called Sedum rubrotinctum & some called Sedum 'Jelly Bean'.

Nice Haul, best of luck w/ 'em all!

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twiltye(9 CA)

Ah good point! I checked and the leaves definitely do not have hairs on either.

Sedum rubrotinctum looks right! At least for the last one. The redder one before it has pointier leaves, so I doubt it's the same.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Deleted duplicate post, pardon me.

This post was edited by pirate_girl on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 22:37

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Okay, jumping in & out of the forum (as I'm on call for my son, giving birth to a kidney stone-we are on Day 6...3 of which were spent in ER of hospital)!

My take on these:
1. Haworthia fasciata (smooth inner leaf--top--surface)
2. I'm not familiar w/the name xGraptoveria 'Moonglow', but I believe I've seen this plant many times...not sure anyone had a name or it...so MAYBE someone got around to giving it a valid name. I see I can find it all over the Web, so perhaps that is IT! :D FLOWERS will help confirm if that is the correct genus (intergeneric).
3. Yes, Crassula ovata 'Gollum'.
4. Looks like woody branching in 1st pic...I'd say both are Aeonium haworthii. Perhaps the lighter one had gotten more water? Were ALL the rosettes of that plant the same shade?
Run your finger along the leaf edge-where it's red-you will feel tiny "teeth". I'm sure I've been calling it cilia (hairs) in other posts. So sorry to mislead others. This old brain isn't always coming up with the correct words! :D (There is an off chance they could be 'Kiwi', but I don't think so.)
5. Cute lil red guy! Yes, I think probably a Sedum, but S. rubrotinctum would have rounded ends. Let it grow a bit & repost...especially if it flowers!
6. Hmmm, either Sedum or xCremnosedum. Another to repost after it grows a bit. This one looks more like Sedum rubrotinctum than the other, but I don't think so.

I must run! Thanks for helping me get my mind off other things for a few minutes!

Yes! Good haul! Go back for more!! =)

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I also feel like that first one is a H. fasciata. In my (limited) experience, in addition to dots on the inner surface attenuattas have bigger stripes, less spindly tips, and a darker, less interesting green coloration.

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Laura Robichaud

Ugh, Ro, Sorry to hear about your son. Hopefully his ordeal will be over soon!

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Also, of note (in addition to dkhar's observances), H. fasciata's growth habit is to get taller (somewhat like a stalk), whereas, H. attenuata will not.

Thank you, Laura. :) Yesterday, Day 8 (sleep-deprived...I was mistaken), we THINK he may have passed the stone into bladder (=no pain, now we wait for it to come out)! Perhaps now we can ALL get some decent sleep & have brains functioning properly again!

Sorry, twiltye & all...I digress again. :/

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twiltye(9 CA)

Thank you for your input!

The two branchy ones both have smooth leaves, but woody stems.

Should I worry about the brown spots? It just seems like normal plant damage to me, so I'll probably wind up removing a lot of leaves once I get a chance. Both of the cuttings have them.

Here's a picture of the inner side of the leaves on the haworthia.

They didn't seem very tall in the original pot. From what I could tell, they'd spread by offsetting for years and filling the pot with a dense group of plants.

Also I can see why the graptoveria is so common

And these are just the leaves I took off to make them look nicer! I'm fairly certain it's the same as my other plant. Guess I'll know if they all flower.

And Ro, no worries. Best wishes to you and your son

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Still say: Aeonium haworthii. The one more yellow *may* be a 'Kiwi", but I have my doubts. I have 2 type of Aeonium that claim to be 'Kiwi', which are very different (size & other characteristics). I think one being distributed is a variegated form of something else, but not enough info gathering at this point to argue points.

Either way, run your finger along the *edge* of the leaf to feel the difference (if you can't *see* the cilia/tiny teeth. No doubt in my mind they are both Aeonium.

Still believe Haworthia fasciata, perhaps even forma variegata (lighter green), which I have as well.

Last is still a mystery to me.

Thanks for your well wishes re son! :D Grateful he is out of pain now (kidney stone in bladder) after a week! Just a waiting game now for the stone to come out!

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twiltye(9 CA)

I did feel them. Really smooth on both. And I don't think they look like Kiwi at least, from the pictures google gives me. Kiwi is yellow center with green older leaves, right? Not sure about just A. haworthii.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

'Kiwi' changes colors through the year...one reason I like 'em! Aeonium haworthii for both. Yes, bruising on bottom of leaves. Not a problem. You can remove if you don't like it. If I have time to process pix I'll be back with examples of several Aeonium.

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twiltye(9 CA)

That'd be great, if you have time! If for no other reason than to see more plants, which is always fun.

Doubt I'll be potting everything for a few days still. I seem to have strained my wrist doing something or another, so taking it easy. Good thing these are all such forgiving plants (and that I have so many cuttings)

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I took pix of many of my Aeonium & I haven't forgotten...just have issues taking priority now (leak under kitchen cabinets-ripping out & installing new-among other things~we keep ourselves busy here!). Back when I'm able!

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twiltye(9 CA)

Oh man! No worries, I forgotten anyway!

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