Clematis for pergola questions

olive51(7)March 19, 2013

I would like to grow some vines on a pergola that is about 10 feet W x 12 feet D and is 12 feet high. I was thinking evergreen type for year-round coverage and to minimize the need to prune. Is it correct that Armandii and Montana's are type one evergreens? Can I mix the two?

I believe Armandii and Montana have somewhat limited color choices and I was hoping for more color. Should I consider type two clems? What are the disadvantages to going with type two clems? Would they have brown vines in the winter months? Do they need at least some pruning?

Lastly, can I mix type two with Armandii or Montana?

I live in Atlanta, zone seven. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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C. armandii is evergreen - montana is not. I would not recommend combining the two, either. Both are very vigorous vines and either could completely cover the pergola (assuming the W&D is in inches). And since one is evergreen and the other not, an evergreen vine has a tendency to smother non-evergreen companions.

Armandii is also borderline hardy for you. The montana should be fine. You can certainly use type 2 clems - they offer perhaps the greatest range of colors. They are also the most prone to clematis wilt so just be advised. Careful planting and hard pruning for a couple of seasons can avoid this problem.

Type twos are deciduous vines - they lose their leaves in winter. And while pruning is never a requirement (except during establishment), they would benefit from that activity each season in late winter.

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Hi Garden gal,

Thanks for all this information! Don't know why I thought Montana was evergreen....I edited my post to show that the 10 x 12 is in feet, is it possible that an Armandii would still overwhelm it?

Not sure I'll go the Armandii route as you state that it's borderline for zone 7.

Sounds like I could use several type twos and prune pretty hard the first few seasons and then once they are full and established, maybe just prune as needed for shape and size?

Thanks again, the pergola is just being built, so I have time for more research!

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