Great Contest going on! :)

kasha77September 18, 2011

If you like contests- there's a great one going on over at iBrugs! Name it and win it! Fred Sommers has a new brug that's a winner. He will be registering it, but he needs a name for it. If you're new name wins, you will receive a clone of this new beauty! Check it out! Just copy and paste this:

Have fun!

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It said I am not authorized to post, but I think the name should be Silver Queen. Maybe someone can win with my suggestion. Barbra

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Maybe "pink chiffon" because it looks like silk, and that seems to fit the tone flowers are named with.

(Does some other flower already have that name? It seems like there would be.)

Although personally if it was my plant, I would consider that a little cheesy and go with a name that's more fun.

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Barbara, In order to post you must be logged in to the website. If you are not a member then you will need to register first (free) and then you will be able to post.


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