Help me identify this 'thing'

amateur_annaMay 31, 2008

DH and I have been noticing these foamy spots appearing in our garden. They are bubbled above the ground, and when you touch them with a stick, they collapse and are almost like a meringue in structure. I say they are spider eggs, DH says a mold/fungus. Can anyone help settle this debate (please tell me I am right as always ;)? We've never seen these things before.

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It's a common, pretty harmless fungus thingie - often called slime mold, vomit mold and a few other colorful names. First time I found it in my sideyard out front, I I was sure the party animals next door had barfed in my yard! You can carefully remove it (when disturbed it releases tons of spores into the atmosphere) - or not - it's pretty self limiting. I just discovered another blob this morning - 'tis the season!

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Ha! Thx for the info. Off to tell hubby he was right.....

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The only thing in my garden that it hurts is ornamental grasses! Doesn't kill them, but suspends growth for awhile, so one afflicted grass looks 2 years behind its siblings.


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