Obsessed with finding out name of shrub I saw

sheilaz8b(8b)May 14, 2009

I was camping in the Highlands/Cashiers area this past weekend. I was driving down Highway 64, which is too curvy and narrow to just suddenly pull off to take a picture, and I kept seeing a couple of beautiful shrubs that I would love to know the names of. The most eyecatching one is a bush with fairly dark green non-shiny leaves and white flowers blooming above the leaves-branches. The branches arched out gracefully. The flowers appeared to be almost dogwood-like but clustered all along the top of the branches..boy, they were beautiful.

The other was a fairly narrow, columnar shrub with lavender flowers clustered at the end of the branches. I stopped at one nursery and they did not have either one. I know these won't grow where I live but I just want to know what they were.

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is this the shrub

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Try googling the Asian dogwood: Cornus kousa, it has flowers along the stems like you describe.

Also look up Double File Viburnum or any of the viburnums (there are millions with quite a few of them native to the NC mountains).

Kalmia's around Raleigh are blooming now. They can be tricky outside of the mountains but plenty of people have them in their yards.

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Tammy Kennedy

Were these in yards or basically wild shrubs? That will make a difference. Your lavender one almost sounds like lilac, but they wouldn't be wild in the mountains (though they'd probably do well in yards). Same with kousa dogwoods. It could be viburnums, though- there are so many, and some do resemble dogwoods. Mountain laurel's leaves are fairly shiny, so i think that rules that out.

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I was in Highlands/Cashiers about 10 days ago (up and down Hwy 64) and was surprised to see how many folks had lilacs in their yards. Some were very big. I don't see lilac much in Atlanta!

Along the wild areas, the dogwoods (Cornus florida) were blooming. At that time, the mountain laurel was not blooming yet, but it certainly could be blooming now.

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Multiflora rose are blooming everywhere here now...I have to admit they're lovely in such profusion. They're not really "dogwood-like" although they can arch out "gracefully" and are often clustered at the ends of branches. This probably isn't it....?

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Tammy Kennedy

Thanks, mbuckmaster- wondered what roses those were- just discovered i have some on the prop next to me about a week ago! Knew they were a wild rose, just hadn't bothered to find out exactly what yet. Can't say i like the scent, but they are quite pretty!

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Tammy Kennedy

Now, does anyone know the tree that was blooming about a week ago that has drooping clusters of white flowers, sort of like small wisteria clumps under the leaves? It's not grandfather's beard- this is much more defined and larger trees. I notice them every spring , esp along hammond rd, but don't know what they are. Not sure if they are still in bloom or not since i haven't ventured up that way this week.

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That would be one the Locust (Robinia is the genus name).

Here is a link that might be useful: Robinia pseudo-acacia

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Oh how I wish my locust would bloom like that. I have the thorns and the seedpods but never a noticeable flower!

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Tammy Kennedy

Thanks, esh! That makes sense! I figured it'd be something obvious when it was said. It's on a section of highway that's 45 but everyone goes 55 so it's not like i could ever stop and look closer.

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I should also add that multiflora rose is terribly invasive and undesirable in every way. Removing them as soon as winter arrives--or sooner--is a good idea!

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I agree with mbuckmaster about multiflora roses. They host the mite that causes Rose Rosette Disease which is deadly to the multiflora and to garden roses. They should be destroyed as soon as they are found on your property.

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Okay, I should have mentioned in my original posting that both these shrubs were in landscaped areas...not wild. I have decided that the shrub with the white flowers along the top are viburnums...and the other probably was lilacs. Thanks everyone!

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