Cannas Overwinter in a Pond

aezarien(7b)May 11, 2010

I have read quite a few posts on Garden Web on the subject but am interested in opinions from people in the immediate area because from what I am reading, how warm the climate is makes a difference in how deep you plant them in the pond/water and expect them to live and return.

I have a small, maybe a foot and a half to two foot deep pond and two half barrels with water plants in them. I received a canna of unknown variety at the swap. From the looks of the leaves and the description of the flower it may be a Durban. I have a huge umbrella palm in the pond so I am thinking of putting the canna in the half barrel but will surely move some stuff around if need be if it means one less plant to lift and store over winter. My greenhouse space is pretty much already claimed.

I have read both that they needed to be lifted and protected during the winter months and if you sink them further down in the pond/barrel where it doesn't freeze that they will gladly return the next year.

Does anyone have any experience with growing cannas in water the zone 7b area that may have some insight to share?



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If you try planting the pot in the pond where it will be below the ground & water level the roots should not freeze and it should therefore come back next spring. I have read on another blog that there should be no more than 6 inches of water over the top of the plant roots. Make sure that there will be water over the top of the roots throughout the winter otherwise the ice will kill the roots and the plant

My pond is also no deeper than 2 feet. Although I live in zone 6 on the east coast of Newfoundland and my Bronze Scarlet Canna Lily is rated for zone 7 I feel very confident about overwintering it by placing the potted plant just inside the margin of the pond this winter. I will just make sure I do not exceed the 6 inch limit for root depth below the high water line.

I will update my results next spring so stay posted...

Here is a link that might be useful: ExquisitePlants

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