maile_2010(4 Central MN)September 22, 2011

Anybody try growing Brugs in these smartpots. Looks like it would be worth trying. Maybe the 5 gallon ones?


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They are essentially bags made of a heavy landscape fabric. Unless you are sinking the pot a 5 gal container won't be big enough for long. A 20 gal should support a mature brug. They do look like a perfect pot for sinking but I'm not sure how well they would hold up underground.

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maile_2010(4 Central MN)

Thanks Karyn.

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I have no experience with Smartpots. However, I do grow almost all my plants in containers. I am new to Brugs, but so far they have done very well for me in containers. In terms of growth, I am convinced Smartpots would work the same or better than my plastic and fiberglass.

I agree with Karyn that 5 gallons might be too small. I have my Brugs in 7 gallon containers. That works, but by late Summer, a plant that started as a rooted cutting will be 4 to 5 feet, and in hot weather, will require water every day. I understand that a Smartpot will need more water than other types, so that would suggest a larger Smartpot.

The weather has cooled, but my plants are now big enough that they will blow over unless secured. I plan to move up next season. At least 10 gallons for the decorative pots on the deck and in front of the house. The rest will likely be in 18-20 gallon containers, as Karyn suggests. I use a number of Rubbermaid 18 gallon totes that I get on sale at K-mart for about $5.

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