thomis(7)May 11, 2010

Anyone growing rhubarb in the Carolinas? I have been told that it doesn't fair well in our hot summers.

If you are growing it with any success, please share your tricks and what variety you are growing. Many thanks,


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I found some other posts where this topic has been discussed extensively. should've check that first.

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The only way I been able to get it to work is to buy them as early as possible - preferably late January or February. I can usually find roots for sale at Logans downtown Raleigh or I can pick some large roots up while working the Philadelphia Flower Show in March. I have never had much luck with the seedlings you can find at home improvement stores.

There's doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to any of it. Some years it does fine for me and other years it fails. This year I lost all but one tiny plant but a potted division that I gave someone last year is doing very well for them this year and it never got planted.

It grows best in full sun. It prefers cool weather. It doesn't get big enough to harvest stalks if grown in a pot unless you're willing to sacrifice the entire plant. It rarely survives the summer heat - if it does, there is no advantage to keeping it going. It will not outperform freshly planted roots purchased early in the year and planted outside before things get hot.

One healthy plant can provide enough stalks for 2 or 3 pies.

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